Apple Lebneh Muesli

Apple Lebneh Muesli is a simple starter of your day. It’s about sieved Yoghurt. That you stored overnight in a linnen kitchen towel covered sieve. Well this is a no-brainer with a 5-★ allure
My suggestion is to make lebneh on the night before. So in the morning, you would only need to scoop the lebneh out of the sieve. Into your bowl of muesli Time to prep. : 15 min
Time to sieve: 8 hours

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Stellenbosch, South-Africa

I learnt to eat Lebneh as part of my breakfast in South-Africa. Like in Australia its cuisine is the results of an unique mix of cultures, legacies, stories and climates. And one of the outcome is a Dairy based breakfast. Or Brekkie. This dish is better to describe as a layered stack of Fruits, Nuts, Muesli, Honey, Syrup or Jam. In a glass. Filled with ultra thick Yoghurt. That has a lot in common with Lebneh.  So this post is about an African Brekkie. That is easy to make at home


  1. 1x Litre of Yoghurt
  2. 2x Cups of Muesli
  3. 1x Apple
  4. 2 tbs. of Honey Syrup, Jam or Lemon Curd


  • a Bowl
  • a Spatula
  • a Spoon
  • a Knife
  • a Sieve or Colander
  • a clean Linen Kitchen Towel
  • a Lid or a Plate
  • 2 Glasses


  1. Prepare lebneh according to steps 1-7
  2. Wash apple
  3. Cut apple into thin slices
  4. Add a dollop of lebneh in each glass
  5. Pour in a bit of muesli in each glass
  6. Add slices of apple on top the 1st layer of muesli
  7. Redo this layering until you  reach the brim
  8. Top each glass of with a tbs. of honey, jam, ssyrup or lemon curd
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