week menu 09

Week menu 09 is about high summer. When you do not feel like cooking. But you do long for fresh dishes. That have this ambiguous character. They give you comfort and help you slow down. And let you enjoy some lazy days in the sun. On the other hand, this week’s dishes will give you energy. And will help you to re-set. And get ready for the 2nd half of 2022

To this week’s menu, I added my favourite pink tuna rice salad. With  pink tuna, slices of cucumber and black olives. The latter are great. Crushed and mixed for a rustic dip sauce. Together with some olive oil and your leftover fresh herbs. Furthermore I have added some French cornichons to a Turkish bread. With store-bought horseradish and cooked ham. That you could easily replace for slices of grilled courgettes. That play a role in my cold pepo soup. Enfin there is enough to enjoy. And easily to prepare at your (holiday) home. This week I did not sent out a newsletter. But will start in the first week of September again. In the mean time I will continue to write recipes, cook, photograph and publish. Can you imagine that I’m cooking Christmas dishes? 

Enjoy the month of August!

week menu 09

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