week menu 08

Week menu 08 is about celebrating summer. With drinks and easy dishes. That are refreshing. And will help you to beat the heat. This week I bought green beans, carrots, apples, lemons and ginger at the fruit and veg. stall. And built this week menu with the named ingredients. I was inspired by my summer’s in France. And had fun writing, cooking and photographing this week’s recipes. And I hope you like them. As much as I did. Have a great week! Emilie

menu week 08

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French bean salad

This French bean salad is a classic. That has potential. In case you’re looking for a veggie bowl filled with sour sweetness. Than this French

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baked apple muesli

Baked apple in cream butter is a delight. Add some muesli and crunched pecan nuts to your skillet. And you are in heaven. Combine with

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what is parboiling

What is the term for shortly cooking vegetables in boiling hot water. Is a question I sometimes receive. The answer is parboiling. And this term

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sea salted green beans

Green beans could use a bit more awareness. For the fact that freshly harvested green beans. Are so good to eat. When sprinkled with sea

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15 min. noodle bowl

My 15 min. noodle bowl is spicy. And sweet and soft. So this dish will give you comfort. No matter what weather conditions you

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chilly ginger soup

This chilly ginger soup is for warm days. When you do not feel like eating. But would need some spicy tones. To tune down the

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cheese omelette

The 2021 show of Emily in Paris inspired me to make cheese omelettes again. It’s so easy to make. And when you succeed to get

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How to make Lebneh

Lebneh is a container name for both a technique and a dairy product. With its origins in the Middle East. I use a mean technique

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H & HAM sandwich

This H & HAM sandwich is not to be missed. In case you like the strong sour taste of horseradish sauce. That is made of grated horseradish and vinegar. Together with cooked ham and French cornichons you have sufficient ammunition to fill a Turkish bread. That is shortly toasted. Before buttering its interiors with store-bought horseradish sauce

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week menu 09

Week menu 09 is about high summer. When you do not feel like cooking. But you do long for fresh dishes. That have this ambiguous character. They give you comfort and help you slow down. And let you enjoy some lazy days in the sun. On the other hand, this week’s dishes will give you energy. And will help you to re-set. And get ready for the 2nd half of 2022

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