grilled tomato pizza

Grilled tomato pizza is the best alternative to a frozen Pizza Margherita. All you need is store-bought pizza dough, a tin of tomato chunks and a variety of strong cheeses that you love. Think of a French comté, Swiss gruyere, or a good old English stilton

pink tuna rice salad

Pink tuna rice salad is my bowl of comfort. In summer. This rich salad with black olives, tomatoes and hard boiled eggs cannot beat a pasta. And the glue to this eccentric mix is a salad sauce. I love a honey mustard salad sauce. But you might have another favourite?

strawberry tomato smoothie

The only thing you have to do. To get this summer delight for breakfast. Is to pour your leftover strawberry tomato salad in a blender

Strawberry Tomato Salad

A sweet salad of juicy tomatoes & strawberries. And this simple salad is to eat with sorbet ice cream. Or with fresh burrata Either way. This salad could be your starter or dessert!

mellow hot sauce

This homemade hot sauce is a version with tomatoes, red paprika, green jalapeño, a red pepper and zucchini

Green lentils & anchovies fillets

This one pot bowl is based upon ingredients that you could store for a very long time. And you would not need a fridge. Ideal for a trip into the wild. No?

pan con tomate

This Spanish snack could be your next lunch. When you have found this perfect sourdough loaf of bread

Green Beans with Tomatoes & Feta

Green beans are my friends. I eat them warm or chilled. After a short cook. And short is your key to get those crunchy beans. That are so good. Just with a sprinkle of sea salt. Yes, I believe I have tried to convey you. Green beans are my friends

Simply Red Pasta Sauce

With this simply red pasta sauce you make a great bowl of Comfort. It’s a staple in my small household. And with this sauce, you only need a bit of fresh parmesan cheese. To make this perfect pasta

tomato carrot red pepper soup

This soup is more of a very fresh mash of sautéed Tomatoes, Carrots, a Red Pepper and red Onions. And is best to eat right away. When all the bubbles are still there