Pistoe is a French sauce. That has a lot in common with an Italian pesto sauce. However as a person that holds a Dutch passport. I’m not going to make you prefer a sauce. I like the creamy features of a Pistoe. And the textured version of a Pesto. Probably this is the best way to avoid a discussion. Because this creamy garlic sauce. Full of basil and parmesan cheese is everybody’s friend

spicy cauliflower soup

Roasted florets of cauliflower give this full taste to a bouillon. That you purée and blend with a mix of peppery spices. This soup will help you beat a warm day. As they say in the tropics. Beat the heat with spices

Broccoli Bucatini (BBQ version)

Broccoli Bucatini is a leftover solution. And the very base is a soup of sautéd chunks of Broccoli, Red Onions and Pine Nuts. Richly Seasoned with Parmesan cheese