H & HAM sandwich

This H & HAM sandwich is not to be missed. In case you like the strong sour taste of horseradish sauce. That is made of grated horseradish and vinegar. Together with cooked ham and French cornichons you have sufficient ammunition to fill a Turkish bread. That is shortly toasted. Before buttering its interiors with store-bought horseradish sauce

week menu 09

Week menu 09 is about high summer. When you do not feel like cooking. But you do long for fresh dishes. That have this ambiguous character. They give you comfort and help you slow down. And let you enjoy some lazy days in the sun. On the other hand, this week’s dishes will give you energy. And will help you to re-set. And get ready for the 2nd half of 2022

black olives spread

A black olives spread is the best leftover solution. In case you have lots of fresh herbs left. Dill, basil, cilantro or parsley. They all go wonderfully well with olive oil and a handful of pitted olives. In black. I serve this spread with store bought pâté and a bunch of crackers. Or toasted slices of white bread. On new year’s eve I add some black caviar. But hey, emilies.com is not about posh food. emilies is about food that makes you comfortable

fruit & chicory salad

In summer I eat raw chicory (Belgium endive). With raisins and whatever fruits I have in stock. The best partners for raw chicory are slices of a banana and an overripe pear. Plus parts of a sweet apple. There is no sauce, sugar, honey or syrup involved. As long as you use an overripe pear. Or two. That has this great sweet juice. And will transform those bitter but fresh chicory leaves into a crispy sweet salad

week menu 08

Week menu 08 is about celebrating summer. With drinks and easy dishes. That are refreshing. And will help you to beat the heat. This week I bought green beans, carrots, apples, lemons and ginger at the fruit and veg. stall. And built this week menu with the named ingredients. I was inspired by my summer’s in France. And had fun writing, cooking and photographing this week’s recipes. And I hope you like them. As much as I did.
Have a great week!

15 min. noodle bowl

My 15 min. noodle bowl is spicy. And sweet and soft. So this dish will give you comfort. No matter what weather conditions you are in. The combination of chillies, smoked chicken, shrimps, carrots and peanut butter will do

lemon cress smoothie

Cress or garden cress does contain lots of vitamins and some minerals. And I’m a fan of this herb. As a kid I got freshly harvested garden cress on a cream buttered sweet bread. With sugar on top. Yep. Heaven. It’s a herb that you could grow indoors, in the garden or on your balcony. And naturally. To buy in a carton at your local supermarket. It has this nutty bitter taste that is perfect with honey and yoghurt. To make a quick smoothie for on the go

how to make puffed meat rolls

How to make puffed meat rolls is both a cooking tip and a recipe. You could add any stuffing you like to sheets of puffed pastry. And this post will help you to make the puffed rolls. That will require not a lot of work. The oven will do all the puffing and flavouring. The latter by herbs or spices that you add to mince. Whether you use beef, pork, lamb, or chicken. All is good. As long as each buttery roll will give you comfort

week menu 07

Week menu 07 is all about the use of Coriander (Cilantro), Cucumber, Grapefruit, Mint and Parsley. In order to give you a week’s menu that is full of fresh dishes. That will cool you down. Or give you a bit of extra energy. Either way, all dishes have this great taste. And make you enjoy the summer’s output of fresh herbs and fruits

bubbly cucumber soup

This bubbly soup is to make within 15 minutes. And best to drink when it’s hot outside. And there is no gentle breeze to find. It’s a refreshing cucumber drink. That is light with a bit of a jalapeño kick. A subtle bit, not much