pink tuna rice salad

Pink tuna rice salad is my bowl of comfort. In summer. This rich salad with black olives, tomatoes and hard boiled eggs cannot beat a pasta. And the glue to this eccentric mix is a salad sauce. I love a honey mustard salad sauce. But you might have another favourite?

how to cook long grain rice

This is an old school cooking tip. On how to cook long grain rice. So in this post there is no rice cooker or electric steamer involved. Just use a saucepan and a stove or outside grill

pulled crab stick rice bowl

This a perfect bowl for a lazy summer Sunday. The base is cooked long grain rice. That is rinsed with cold water. And with the addition of pulled crab sticks (aka surimi sticks) and a strong green tsatsiki sauce. Makes this recipe a candidate for my top 10 list of comfortable dishes