Lemon Curd Muesli Yoghurt

This is the time of the year to buy quality Lemons. And make Lemon Curd. This super sweet Lemon Jam is so good with a bowl of Muesli

Apple Lebneh Muesli

Apple Lebneh Muesli is a simple starter of your day. It’s about sieved Yoghurt. That you stored overnight in a linnen kitchen towel covered sieve. Well this is a no-brainer with a 5-★ allure

Au bain marie

Au Bain Marie is a French technique. To warm up or melt delicate ingredients. Like Chocolate or Egg Yoke. That is sensitive to heat. So you need a large casserole or saucepan with a thick bottom. To warm up water. And let a bowl float in it