grilled tomato pizza

Grilled tomato pizza is the best alternative to a frozen Pizza Margherita. All you need is store-bought pizza dough, a tin of tomato chunks and a variety of strong cheeses that you love. Think of a French comté, Swiss gruyere, or a good old English stilton

bubbly cucumber soup

This bubbly soup is to make within 15 minutes. And best to drink when it’s hot outside. And there is no gentle breeze to find. It’s a refreshing cucumber drink. That is light with a bit of a jalapeño kick. A subtle bit, not much

oven-baked spicy mussels

This is a leftover recipe. Based upon an idea that you can tailor. The idea is a Dutch street food dish with the name “Patatje Gehakt”. That is about French fries and spicy mince (minced meat). That you bake in a steaming hot oven

spicy mussels

In this recipe the best of South-America and French kitchen come together. I have cooked mussels in a bit of white wine, fresh garlic, 1/2 a fresh jalapeño pepper & 1/2 a fresh cayenne pepper. And with the help of the spicy peppers you have a full flavour

mellow hot sauce

This homemade hot sauce is a version with tomatoes, red paprika, green jalapeño, a red pepper and zucchini

Shrimp Dip

Chayote is a vegetable from the tropics. And the best alternative is a small courgette. A zucchini or tiny yellow squash. That will do great with shrimps & tortilla chips