week menu 04

This week we celebrate the 1st week of summer. And like the previous plan; this meal plan is fully dedicated to eat outdoors. And cook on a grill, bbq or makeshift fire

outdoor edition

Week menu 03 is all about preparing comfort food on a camp site, boat or a holiday home. With less convenience. And lots of nature

Fuet Pea risotto (BBQ version)

Fuet Pea Risotto is best to eat with fresh peas. But when you do not have fresh peas at hand. Replace them for a courgette, zucchini, or squash

Simple Dried Herb Marinade

The Fruit & Veg Stall Trader secretly had added a bunch of dried Rosemary & Thyme. To a bag of small potatoes. That I bought last week at the Farmer’s Market. This gentle gesture made me create a Marinade. With a Soul

Hamburger & Courgette on a Roll

BBQ season is starting off. And I grilled a couple of Hamburgers on baking paper. In order to collect all juices. That I later on used to marinate thin slices of Courgette. This is what you call a double Jammy