black olives spread

A black olives spread is the best leftover solution. In case you have lots of fresh herbs left. Dill, basil, cilantro or parsley. They all go wonderfully well with olive oil and a handful of pitted olives. In black. I serve this spread with store bought pâté and a bunch of crackers. Or toasted slices of white bread. On new year’s eve I add some black caviar. But hey, is not about posh food. emilies is about food that makes you comfortable


Pistoe is a French sauce. That has a lot in common with an Italian pesto sauce. However as a person that holds a Dutch passport. I’m not going to make you prefer a sauce. I like the creamy features of a Pistoe. And the textured version of a Pesto. Probably this is the best way to avoid a discussion. Because this creamy garlic sauce. Full of basil and parmesan cheese is everybody’s friend