bubbly cucumber soup

This bubbly soup is to make within 15 minutes. And best to drink when it’s hot outside. And there is no gentle breeze to find. It’s a refreshing cucumber drink. That is light with a bit of a jalapeño kick. A subtle bit, not much

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  1. 1 cucumber (pick out a hard one)
  2. 2 small red onions
  3. 2 tbs. of cream butter
  4. 2 tbs. of olive oil
  5. 1/2 jalapeño pepper
  6. 1 tsp. of bouillon powder (in the UK: 1 square cube of bouillon stock, in NL: 1/2 rectangular cube of bouillon stock)
  7. 2 cups of water 


  • a Knife
  • a fork
  • a spatula or spoon
  • a Cutting Board
  • a casserole or pan with a thick bottom
  • a Lid or Plate 
  • a clean Kitch Towel
  • a blender
  • an electric water kettle, quooker or saucepan to boil water


  1. Make bouillon by cooking water (2 cups)
  2. Add bouillon powder or bouillon cube to bowl
  3. Pour boiling hot water in bowl
  4. Stir “bouillon” with fork
  5. Wash & towel dry cucumber
  6. Wash & towel dry jalapeño pepper
  7. Remove skins from onions
  8. Cut cucumber, onions and jalepeño pepper into small chunks
  9. Turn on heat
  10. Add butter & oil to casserole or pan
  11. Warm butter & oil
  12. Add sliced & diced cucumber, onions and jalapeño pepper
  13. Close casserole or pan with lid
  14. Wait 2 min.
  15. Give the lot a good stir
  16. Close the casserole or pan with lid again
  17. Wait another 2 min.
  18. Add bouillon to the casserole or pan
  19. Close it 
  20. Listen until you hear the bouillon boiling
  21. Lower heat
  22. Open casserole or pan
  23. Stir everything
  24. Close the casserole or pan again and wait 2 min.
  25. Pick a piece of cucumber with fork
  26. When its bite is warm but firm
  27. Remove the casserole or pan from the heat
  28. Pour the lot into blender
  29. Give the blender a few jolts
  30. The output should be a bubbly soup
  31. Before pouring soup into glasses, mugs or bowls. Use a spoon or spatula and taste a bit
  32. When it’s taste is too bland for you, add some salt & pepper
  33. Bon appétit!
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