for snacks

Why not preparing this amazing cake or pizza on a Sunday afternoon? And eat a piece a day. So you would have a piece of comfort food within reach. For each day you’re working from home. And the good thing about your homemade delight is that it will taste so much better. Then the ordinary bag of crisps. That you have snacked a trillion times. Find a snack you fancy or type an ingredient you’re craving this very moment

grilled tomato pizza

Grilled tomato pizza is the best alternative to a frozen Pizza Margherita. All you need is store-bought pizza dough, a tin of tomato chunks and a variety of strong cheeses that you love. Think of a French comté, Swiss gruyere, or a good old English stilton

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sea salted green beans

Green beans could use a bit more awareness. For the fact that freshly harvested green beans. Are so good to eat. When sprinkled with sea salt. This is a recipe on how to parboil and season green beans. Parboiling is a turbo technique to get vegetables or meat cooked. Fast and efficient

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15 min. noodle bowl

My 15 min. noodle bowl is spicy. And sweet and soft. So this dish will give you comfort. No matter what weather conditions you are in. The combination of chillies, smoked chicken, shrimps, carrots and peanut butter will do

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choco pear on toast

This is breakfast for people that have an intensive day ahead. Full of sports, activities and deadlines. It’s a stack of toast. That is fully coated with hazelnut chocolate paste and slices of an overripe pear

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the good pie

The Greek name for this pie is Portokalopita (porto-kalo-pita). It means something like the good pie for on the go. And this pie is only getting better when you let the orange cinnamon syrup give its time to soak in

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Shrimp Dip

Chayote is a vegetable from the tropics. And the best alternative is a small courgette. A zucchini or tiny yellow squash. That will do great with shrimps & tortilla chips

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