Hamburger & Courgette on a Roll

BBQ season is starting off. And I grilled a couple of Hamburgers on baking paper. In order to collect all juices. That I later on used to marinate thin slices of Courgette. This is what you call a double Jammy

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The best Hamburgers are made from Cows that had Corn for Dinner. An American Friend shared these insights with me a couple of years ago. I reacted like a true Duhh Dutchy. And did not believe her in the 1st place. But I must confess she was very right. Unfortunately I have not found any Beef Burgers in Holland that are as juicy. As I tasted back in the US. However I created this method to re-use the juices that come from Burgers. When you grill them on a BBQ. All this to make this Hamburger on a Roll as tasteful and moist as possible


  1. 2 Hamburgers
  2. 1 Red Onion
  3. 1 Courgette
  4. 2 Rolls of Bread
  5. 1 tbs. of Chipotle Spice-Mix

alternative ingredients


1 tbs. of Chipotle Spice-Mix ☜☟☞ 1tbs. of your local supermarkt Mexican Spice-Mix



  • a Knife
  • a Cutting Board
  • Optional: Cheese Slicer
  • a Skillet or Casserole
  • BBQ
  • Baking Paper
  • an Airtight Container

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  1. Remove hamburgers from the fridge about 30 minutes before your start grilling them on the BBQ
  2. Turn BBQ on
  3. Secure the grill is at least 20 cm. from the burning coals or logs
  4. When the temperature is right
  5. Place burgers on paking paper
  6. Move baking paper with Burgers carefully onto the Grill
  7. When juices are dripping from each burger
  8. Turn them
  9. When both sides of each burger is almost done
  10. Add skillet or casserole to the grill
  11. Let it warm up
  12. Remove burgers from the grill
  13. Store them in an airtight container
  14. Secure you collect all juices from baking paper
  15. Pour juices into hot skillet or grill
  16. Peel onion
  17. Slice onion into small parts
  18. Add parts to skillet or casserole
  19. Optional: Use cheese slicer and slice courgette above skillet or casserole
  20. Or slice courgette thinly 
  21. And slide slices into hot skillet or casserole
  22. Stir continuously to prevent courgette slices do not get burned
  23. When the small chunks of onion get this glow
  24. Remove skillet, casserole from heat
  25. Take the rolls and slice them open
  26. Spoon a bit of leftover Juice from the skillet, casserole
  27. And coat each side of the roll with juice
  28. Furthermore cover the bottom part of the roll with slices of courgette 
  29. Place hamburger on top 
  30. Sprinkle small pieces of grilled onions on hamburger
  31. Place top of roll on hamburger
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