Grilled Cheese Courgette Egg Sandwich

In case you can get those tiny Courgettes. That you find on veg stalls in France, Italy or Greece. Buy them and grill them shortly

When using a  grill pan. or an electric grill or plancha: 15 min.

When using a BBQ you need more time to warm up the grill: 15-30 min.

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editor's note

This list of instructions is based upon my choice to use an electric grill. That is latest way to grill thin slices of courgettes. That are so easy to burn. When you want to make this sandwich on your BBQ or outdoor grill. Use a griddle to grill the thinly sliced courgettes fast!


  1. 1/2 Turkish bread
  2. 1 Courgette (small and thin)
  3. 2 eggs
  4. 1 cup of freshly grated parmesan cheese
  5. salt
  6. pepper
  7. oil


  • a Knife
  • a fork
  • a spoon or spatula
  • a Cutting Board
  • An electric grill, griddle or grill pan
  • A grater (to grate parmesan
  • Optional: cheese slicer (to slice courgette)
  • 2x clean kitchen towels


  1. Cut Turkish bread in half
  2. Store 1/2 for the other day or dish
  3. Slice 1/2 of Turkish bread (you remove the top from the bread)
  4. Coat grill, griddle or pan with oil (that can deal with a bit of heat)
  5. Grill the inner sides of your Turkish bread
  6. When each inner side is turning crusty, turn the breads
  7. And give the outsides of the bread a quick roast
  8. Remove the halves after a minute
  9. Store them in clean kitchen towel
  10. Wash & towel dry courgette
  11. Slice courgette with cheese slicer or knife
  12. Grate parmesan cheese
  13. When you see some smoke coming off your griddle, grill or pan
  14. Carefully add slices of courgette with fork 
  15. Make sure each slice does not overlap another one
  16. Wait until the very edges of the slices turn darker
  17. Break 2 eggs on top of the heap of courgette slices
  18. With spoon or spatula carefully secure the egg substance is not getting burned at its very edges
  19. When you see the egg yoke slowly solidify*, add parmesan cheese
  20. Wait until parmesan cheese is melting a bit
  21. You are ready to scrape your fried egg from the grill, griddle or pan
  22. Coat the bottom side of your Turkish bread with the scrapes of  fried egg
  23. Place the top of the bread on your neat heap of scrapes
  24. Cut sandwich in 2
  25. Serve with napkin*

*slippery egg yokes transforming in a yellow substance

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