egg sarnie

My version of an Egg Sarnie is a Yoghurt Mayo Egg Salad on Toast

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A sandwich with homemade egg salad is a classic. That you can make in your own kitchen. Or outside. On a grill, bbq or makeshift fire. Make sure you use a sauce pan with a thick bottom. To boil a couple of eggs. And the best alternative for an electric toaster is to place a couple of slices of bread on a greasy grill. And turn your slices every few seconds. So you minimise the risk your toast might get burned


  • 2 eggs
  • 1 cup of French Yoghurt 
  • 2 tbs. of Mayonaise
  • 2 slices of bread
  • Salt
  • Pepper

alternative ingredients


French Yoghurt ☜☟☞ Bulgarian or Greek Yoghurt, Skyr or Cottage Cheese

Mayonnaise ☜☟☞ 1/2 block of Feta cheese (crushed & crumbled)



  • a Fork
  • a Spoon
  • a Cutting Board
  • a Saucepan
  • a Bowl
  • a napkin or (paper) towel


  1. Fill saucepan with 2/3 of water
  2. Add eggs to pan
  3. Turn on the heat or place saucepan upon a fire
  4. Let water come to boil
  5. Turn down the heat or move your pan a bit away from fire 
  6. Let water and eggs softy bubble and boil for 6 minutes
  7. Carefully spoon your eggs from pan
  8. Get rid of boiling water
  9. And refill pan with cold water
  10. Let eggs rest for at least 5 min. in cold water
  11. Peel off egg shells
  12. Add yoghurt, mayonaise, salt & pepper to bowl
  13. Mix all ingredients
  14. Add eggs
  15. Crush eggs to crumbs with fork
  16. Give the lot a good stir
  17. Taste a bit of your egg salad 
  18. And add salt and pepper in case the salad would need more pezaz
  19. Toast slices of bread
  20. Coat each toast richly with your egg salad
  21. Serve with a napkin or (paper) towel
  22. After you have finished your Egg Sarnie, you will understand step no. 21
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