Cilantro relish cheese pita

The very first bite of this vegetable stuffed Pita bread will give you a sense of spiciness. However some creamy blue cheese will calm things down

1 out of 3




Vegan (in case you swap Stilton or any blue cheese for a plant-based cheese)


In case you’re looking for a spicy roll. But with a fresh and mellow bite. Then this Cilantro Relish Pita Bread is your next thing. Some story telling about the origins of Relish. Is interesting and diverse. Some claim Relish has been invented by Chinese people. Other confirm the French has something to do with it. Anyway, who ever invented this pickle. It’s a great leftover solution for vegetables. And I use it to secure I do not waste a good bunch of Cilantro or Parsley. 

I got my first Relish at this Beach Bar in Bermuda. Back in 2014. And it was served with freshly fried spicy potato wedges. And this combination stuck to my brains. The combination like fire and earth was new to me. Normally you get Mayonnaise, Ketchup or Sweet Chili Sauce. But not a leftover solution. That is a pickle.  I hope I have convinced you to make this Relish. And use it next to your hot sauce, mayonaise or other dip  sauce


  • 4 tbs. of Cilantro Relish
  • 2 Pita breads
  • 8 slices of Stilton cheese or any other creamy blue cheese

alternative ingredients


Stilton Cheese ☜☟☞ Any other blue cheese or plant-based alternative



  • a Knife
  • a spoon
  • a Cutting Board
  • a toaster or grill
  • a slicer (for get thin slices of cheese)
  • clean kitchen towel
  • Optional: baking paper to wrap Pita when in toaster

to serve with

Tomato Carrot Red Pepper Soup


  1. Turn on toaster or grill
  2. Moisten each side of a pita bread
  3. Optional: Wrap both breads in baking paper 
  4. When the heat is on; slide package of breads into hot toaster or grill
  5. When each pita bread has an puffy outlook, turn the breads
  6. Give them a minute or 2
  7. Remove from the toaster or grill
  8. Turn of toaster or grill
  9. Use the optional baking paper or a clean kitchen towel to slide open the hot breads
  10. Coat each side with a fat spoon of cilantro relish
  11. And top the bottom side with slices of stilton cheese
  12. Close each pita bread
  13. Cut each bread in half
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