pink jasmin rice & cucumber salad

This rice salad is fresh and light. And an easy base for leftovers. Like shrimps, cod, haddock, chicken, cooked ham. Mango or strawberries. In other words, this is a recipe for a zesty sweet bowl on a summer’s day

15 min. (this is ex. cooking rice and making sauce)

1 (out of 3)








  1. 1 bowl of leftover cooked long grain rice
  2. 2 tbs. of zesty sweet sauce
  3. 1/3 cucumber or a 1 small cucumber
  4. leftover cooked shrimps,  white fish, chicken or cooked ham
  5. or leftover fruits like mango or strawberries
  6. salt & pepper


  • a Knife
  • a spoon
  • a clean kitchen towel
  • a Cutting Board
  • a Bowl


  1. Wash & towel dry cucumber
  2. Do not remove skin of cucumber
  3. Slice & dice cucumber into small and thin chunks
  4. Add chunks to bowl with leftover rice
  5. Add leftover fish, meat or fruits
  6. Season with zesty sweet sauce
  7. Additional add salt & pepper (in case the salad is too bland for your taste)
  8. Bon appétit!
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