leftover grilled tomatoes salad

Roma tomatoes leave this amazing juice when they get grilled. That is the perfect salad sauce


  1. leftover grilled tomatoes
  2. 1 cup of oil
  3. salt
  4. pepper

to serve with (list of options)

Merguez Sausages
Beef Burger
Bacon Strips & Baked Egg
Cheese Platter


  • a bowl
  • a spoon
  1. Open container with leftover grilled tomatoes
  2. And spoon a bit of the leftover juice
  3. Taste it
  4. Define what you are missing
  5. Trickle a bit of oil into the container with leftover grilled tomatoes
  6. Taste again
  7. Optionally add salt & pepper 
  8. When the taste is right, spoon the content of the container into a bowl
  9. Taste again
  10. In case you miss some fatness, trickle in a bit more oil
  11. Check whether you need more salt & pepper 
  12. If so, do so
  13. Serve yourself a delicious salad
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