salads with body

Skinny salads are no fun to eat. I make salads with body. That have a great bite. So find your salad by scrolling down this page. Or type your favourite ingredient in the orange search box. And you will land at your search results page

fruit & chicory salad

In summer I eat raw chicory (Belgium endive). With raisins and whatever fruits I have in stock. The best partners for raw chicory are slices of a banana and an overripe pear. Plus parts of a sweet apple. There is no sauce, sugar, honey or syrup involved. As long as you use an overripe pear. Or two. That has this great sweet juice. And will transform those bitter but fresh chicory leaves into a crispy sweet salad

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pink tuna rice salad

Pink tuna rice salad is my bowl of comfort. In summer. This rich salad with black olives, tomatoes and hard boiled eggs cannot beat a pasta. And the glue to this eccentric mix is a salad sauce. I love a honey mustard salad sauce. But you might have another favourite?

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French bean salad

This French bean salad is a classic. That has potential. In case you’re looking for a veggie bowl filled with sour sweetness. Than this French bean salad is the right candidate

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pink jasmin rice & cucumber salad

This rice salad is fresh and light. And an easy base for leftovers. Like shrimps, cod, haddock, chicken, cooked ham. Mango or strawberries. In other words, this is a recipe for a zesty sweet bowl on a summer’s day

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pulled crab stick rice bowl

This a perfect bowl for a lazy summer Sunday. The base is cooked long grain rice. That is rinsed with cold water. And with the addition of pulled crab sticks (aka surimi sticks) and a strong green tsatsiki sauce. Makes this recipe a candidate for my top 10 list of comfortable dishes

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pickled cucumber salad

In July you can get those slim cucumbers. At some market stalls or specialists stores. Those little cucumbers have so much more taste. Than their tall sisters. This salad is about storing thin slices of cucumbers in a dressing of a fresh lemon, honey and salt. The listed combo will take care of the pickling

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Strawberry Tomato Salad

A sweet salad of juicy tomatoes & strawberries. And this simple salad is to eat with sorbet ice cream. Or with fresh burrata Either way. This salad could be your starter or dessert!

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red cabbage & apple salad

In case your local super market has a bag of sliced cabbage in stock. Grab it! With an apple, boiled eggs, and some leftover Fuet. You whip up a salad! In no time

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