Simply red pasta sauce

With this simply red pasta sauce you make a great bowl of comfort. It’s a staple in my small household. And with this sauce, you only need a bit of fresh parmesan cheese, parsley and pepper. And there is no Michelin starred dish that could beat this simple meal.

made in italy

Where did you eat the best bowl of Pasta? Please do share in the comments below. I'm interested to learn. Whether the story is true. That, to this day, the best bowl of pasta is to order in Italy. The reason I question this story for the fact that Italian chefs like Georgio Locatelli operate from London. And there are so many other Italian chefs and cooks that left Italy. And started a career abroad. Now back to Chef Locatelli. He was born in the province of Varese. That is close to Milan. In his book  (Made in Italy) he described his youth and family business. That was in hospitality. And as a kid he learnt a lot from his grandmother. She and her husband started a restaurant in 1963. From what I remember, he learnt from his grandmother how to cook with local produce. And his enthusiasm, as reflected in his book Made in Italy, sparked my interests. To cook with products that the seasons and local producers provide.


  • 1 package of organic tomato sauce 
  • A handful of Bucatini* pasta 
  • a handful of fresh parsley (cut from a store bought pot of parsley)
  • 1 Cups of Freshly grated parmesan Cheese 
  • black pepper
    *Barilla Bucatini Size 9 or De Cecco Bucatini Size 15


  • Large pan
  • A Sieve or Colander
  • A Grater (to grate cheese)
  • a fork
  • a knife
  • a cutting board
  • a clean kitchen towel


  • turn on induction hob or stove
  • fill pan with water (4/5)
  • bring water to boil in pan 
  • add pasta
  • wait until water is boiling again
  • turn down the heat
  • let pasta simmer for 8 minutes
  • cut parsley stems and leaves from pot
  • wash in sieve
  • towel dry
  • slice & dice stems leaves
  • grate parmsan cheese
  • when pasta has been cooked
  • carefully pour pasta into sieve (above the sink)
  • in the mean time use pan to warm up tomato sauce (low heat)
  • add cheese, parsley and pepper
  • add pasta
  • stir well
  • and serve in bowl
  • this pasta is easy to store for next day leftover dinner

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