nutty butty strawberry relish

This is a relish that you can serve both warm and cold. And it’s delicious. For the reason roasted pecan nuts, cream butter and strawberries do wonderfully well. This sweet sauce with texture does not need to be made by a chef. You can do it!

editor's note

A relish is a sauce. With ingredients that you cooked and pickled. This is a relish of grilled strawberries in cream butter. Mixed with lemon pickle and roasted pecan nuts. 30 Minutes, as prescribed in the instructions, have a bit of a stretch. So, in case, you feel confident to multitask. And have the strawberries grilled in the oven. Whilst you roast pecan nuts in a skillet. You can serve this warm sauce within 15 min. To eat with yoghurt in the morning. Or cold with ice late in the afternoon. PS you can make this relish on a bbq, grill or open fire. As long as you have a griddle at hand.


  1. 200 gr. strawberries
  2. 10 gr. of cream butter*
  3. the wrap of your block of cream butter (to grease oven dish or bake dish)
  4. 1/2 cup of pecan nuts
  5. 1 lemon
  6. 2 tsp. of honey

*in case you need to store this relish just over 24 hours, add 10 gr. more butter


  • a knife
  • a spoon or spatula
  • a tea spoon
  • a blender, pestle* or fork
  • a cutting board
  • a skillet or griddle
  • a grater 
  • an orange | lemon squeezer
  • a bowl
  • an oven
  • an oven dish or bake dish
  • clean kitchen towel
  • *Optional: mortar


  1. Turn on oven or grill (highest temperature)
  2. Grease oven dish or bake dish 
  3. Brush & hull strawberries 
  4. Cut them in half 
  5. Add them to oven dish or bake tin
  6. Wash lemon
  7. Grate lemon skin
  8. Add pulp to bowl
  9. Squeeze lemon 
  10. Pour juice into bowl
  11. Add honey to bowl
  12. Stir all ingredients that you added to the bowl
  13. Pour your lemon pickle into baking tin
  14. Cut butter into small cubes
  15. Add & spread them in oven dish or baking tin
  16. Slide dish into the middle of the oven or place upon grill
  17. Let the strawberries grill for 5 minutes
  18. Remove oven dish or bake dish
  19. And let the strawberries rest on a cool counter in the oven dish or bake dish 
  20. This to get the butter to solidify
  21. Turn on the heat or warm up skillet
  22. Do not grease skillet
  23. But add pecan nuts to the hot pan
  24. Do not leave them alone
  25. And shuffle them until you smell this nutty sense of grilled nuts
  26. Remove pan from the heat
  27. Scoop roasted nuts and let them rest on clean cutting board
  28. Pour the content of your oven dish or bake dish into blender, mortar or bowl
  29. Break pecan nuts into smaller pieces by hand
  30. Add them to blender, mortar or bowl
  31. And crush & mush strawberries, nuts and buttery juices
  32. Make sure you do not make a puree. You need to have this texture and bite
  33. Serve warm
  34. Or store in closed jar
  35. Add to fridge after your relish cooled down

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