Lemon peach infusion

Bring in the summer palette. And start your day with a Lemon Peach Infusion. That will perfectly work aside your mug of coffee or tea.
emilies mise en place lemon peach infusion


An infusion is a mix of fresh herbs or fruits and boiled water. Like a tea with a bag of tea leaves. Probably the most popular infusion is a fresh mint tea. That people drink with a dollop of honey. And the latter is not necessary when you make a mix of a ripe peach, half a lemon and boiled water. So when you could get your hands on a couple of ripe peaches, go for it. And try this hot drink. That will make a great start of your day!


  • 1 Peach (that is ripe)
  • 1/2 Lemon
  • 35 cl. of boiled Water (the size of a large mug)


  • a Knife
  • a Cutting Board
  • a clean Kitchen Towel
  • a Mug or large Tea Glass
  • Optional: Lemon Squeezer
  1. Wash peach &lemon
  2. Cut half a lemon
  3. Dry fruits with kitchen towel
  4. Squeeze half of lemon
  5. And pour juice into mug or glass
  6. Cut a few thin slices from lemon
  7. Add thin slices to your mug or glass
  8. Store unused other half of lemon
  9. Slice peach around its core
  10. And try to get the fruits meat off its core 
  11. Cut the pieces of peach (with skin ) into small chunks
  12. Add to glass or mug
  13. Try to get as much meat from it’s core
  14. And add to mug or glass
  15. Boil water
  16. Fill the mug or glass with freshly boiled water
  17. Give the lot a good stir 

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