How to store broccoli, when on a camp site

You would not need a fridge to store your Broccoli. Hear a tip how to keep your produce fresh overnight. This is not a post that has been promoted and paid for by Mango. The Spanish retailer. It’s an example of a cotton shoe bag. That you can use to store your fresh produce overnight.

editor's note

When you stay on a campsite, glamping, boat or holiday home. Broccoli in general does not love plastic. When tightly packed in plastic, the florets turn brown or yellow. And this change does have an impact on your dish. So here's my 2 cents on an alternative package. I happen to buy a lot of shoes. And even a mass retailer like Mango provides cotton shoe bags. And over the years I have been collecting cotton shoe bags. That I wash before I make good use of them. That is to store fresh produce. So when on a trip, I drop at least one clean bag in my car. So I could store fruits or vegetables. That I like to keep fresh overnight. So this trick is ideal when you are on a camp site. With no fridge

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