how to make a French 4/4 cake

The magic in French quatre quarts (4/4) cake is the absence of baking powder. And the work of egg whites. That you whisk until the whites turn into foam.
  1. Cake dough: 30 min.
  2. Cake in the oven: 30-60 min.

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8 solid pieces of cake

editor's note

Beating egg whites until you get this foamy substance. Will help you get those Michelle O. arms. On purpose I do this whisking by hand. Because I like to avoid bingo arms (some readers will understand). However there are some great kitchen machines that could do the hard work for you. That make liquid transform into airy bubbles. And they are responsible for the rise of your dough. Hence the care and attention to secure.You do not kill the bubbles. When mixing egg whites, yokes, sugar, soft flour and creamy butter


  1. 4 fresh eggs
  2. 250 gr. of soft flour
  3. 250 gr. of white muscovado sugar
  4. 250 gr. of creamy butter
  5. salt 
  6. pepper


  • an oven
  • a scale
  • a spatula or spoon
  • a fork
  • a whisk
  • 3 bowls
  • a cake tin 
  • Optional: parchment (baking) paper


  1. Preheat oven (200º celsius)
  2. Place butter nearby oven, so it soften
  3. Place 3 bowls in front of you
  4. Add flour in bowl 3
  5. Add half the amount of sugar in bowl 2
  6. Add half the amount of sugar in bowl 1
  7. Break an egg, and carefully pour the egg white into bowl 1
  8. Pour the yoke into bowl 2
  9. Execute step 7 &8 for all eggs
  10. Incase, by accident some yolk dropped into the bowl 1
  11. Try to scoop egg yoke out of  the named bowl
  12. Whisk the content of bowl 1 until you get this foamy substance
  13. Clean whisk
  14. And mix ingredients of bowl 2 into a thick sauce
  15. Add soft butter to bowl 3
  16. And mix flour & butter with fork. Until you get this moist dough
  17. Use spoon or spatula and pour the contents of bowl 1 and 2 into bowl 3
  18. With the minimum amount of stirs. Mix all ingredients
  19. Taste dough and sense whether it would need a bit of salt and pepper
  20. If so , do so. Or add alternatives like honey, grated lemon peel. spices etc
  21. Grease cake tin or use baking paper
  22. Pour dough in cake tin
  23. Slide cake tin in the middle of oven
  24. Set the timer for 40 min.
  25. (After 40 min.) prick with fork into cake dough
  26. When fork is clean, you are ready to serve
  27. When fork is covered with dough
  28. Let the cake continue to bake in oven for another 10 min.
  29. Repeat no.:25 -28
  30. Wrap a thick slice in baking paper and you’re ready to go

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