Latest update: 04.11.21 as a platform does work with cookies. So providers like WordPress, Elementor, Google Analytics and Go Daddy can provide optimal services. On this page you will find an overview of all providers and their policy on privacy and the storage of data


Wordpress is a WordPress website. Automattic (the organisation behind WordPress) is acknowledging EU laws on privacy. In her terms & conditions Automattic is stating she is sharing data with third parties. For the sake of optimisation of services


Elementor is the name of a website design tool. And this tool has been connected to WordPress website. Within Elementor there is an extensive marketing suite. However Emilie deactivated this suite to protect your privacy

Google Analytics

In this early stage of is not using Google Analytics to monitor what visitors are looking for. At what time of day. And from what continent


Like other US based companies GoDaddy is sharing data with third parties. All this to provide better services

footnote on privacy

All contracts with the applications as listed on this page. Are signed by the mother company of emilies. The latter  is Emilie’s agency, operating from The Hague, Holland. And is registered as a trademark in by Emilie Verbeek. She is the founder and owner of Fabulous Strategy. And this company is registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (registration number: 707025535)