Simply Red Pasta Sauce

With this simply red pasta sauce you make a great bowl of Comfort. It’s a staple in my small household. And with this sauce, you only need a bit of fresh parmesan cheese. To make this perfect pasta
Via Montepoleone, Milan

Where did you eat the best bowl of Pasta? Please do share in the comments below. I’m interested to learn. Whether the story is true. That, to this day, the best bowl of pasta is to order in Italy. The reason I question this story for the fact that Italian chefs like Georgio Locatelli operate from London. And there are so many other Italian chefs and cooks that left Italy. And started a career abroad. Now back to Chef Locatelli. He was born in the province of Varese. That is close to Milan. In his book  (Made in Italy) he described his youth and family business. That was in hospitality. And as a kid he learnt a lot from his grandmother. She and her husband started a restaurant in 1963. From what I remember, he learnt from his grandmother how to cook with local produce. And today this idea of using local products is getting traction again.

*So back to the Simply Red Pasta Sauce. This is a leftover dish I always make out of a batch of Tomato Carrot Red Pepper Soup. Cooking a batch of this soup is a must do. And a must buy; when I find Dutch grown fatty tomatoes neatly stacked at the farmer’s market trader’s stall.

This Soup aka sauce is easily to store for a week in an airtight container. In case I’m late at home. I cook a bowl of pasta coated with this Simply Red Pasta Sauce. And there is no Michelin starred dish that could beat this simple meal


  1. Leftover Tomato Carrot Red Pepper Soup
  2. A handful of dried Spaghetti* or a Cup of dried Penne
  3. 2 Cups of Fresh Parmesan Cheese
    *Barilla Bucatini Size 9 or De   Cecco Bucatini Size 15 are the best to eat this Sauce


  • Large Saucepan
  • A Sieve or Colander
  • A Grater
  • A Lid or a Plate
  • A Spatula
  • A Bowl


  1. Follow the steps as listed in recipe for tomato carrot red pepper soup
  2. Turn on the heat
  3. Fill Saucepan with plenty of water
  4. When water is boiling, add pasta
  5. Make sure all pasta parts are covered with water
  6. Cover saucepan with lid
  7. When you hear the water is about to cook
  8. Remove lid
  9. Wait until water is boiling
  10. Stir pasta with spatula
  11. Cover pan with lid
  12. Turn off heat, when pasta is good to go
  13. Sieve pasta in the sink
  14. Place sieve with pasta in Bowl
  15. Cover bowl & sieve with lid
  16. Use pan to warm up leftover soup
  17. When sauce is about to boil, remove pan from heat
  18. Turn off the heat
  19. Grate parmesan cheese 
  20. And drop grated cheese onto sauce
  21. Scoop lukewarm pasta from the bowl, into the pan
  22. Give all ingredients a good stir 
  23. Serve the lot 
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