cauliflower penne pasta

In this recipe I use leftover spicy cauliflower soup to make this bowl of comfort. Penne pasta coated with a thick parmesan cheesy sauce

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editor's note

This is a leftover idea. That I make of spicy cauliflower soup. The taste and structure of the named soup is so much better. When you store it overnight in your fridge. And with a cup* of store-bought pasta penne. You make a quick dish. For your pasta on the go. *one cup penne pasta per person


  1. Leftover Spicy Cauliflower Soup
  2. 2 cups Penne Pasta 
  3. 2 cups of freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese
  4. 1 tbs of butter
  5. Optional: freshly ground pepper

alternative ingredients


For Carnivores ☜☟☞ Add thin strips of grilled bacon

For pescatarians ☜☟☞ Add  filets of red snapper



  • a pan (to cook penne pasta)
  • a saucepan (to warm up sauce)
  • a fork
  • a spoon or Spatula
  • a cheese grater
  • a plate


  1. Turn on the heat
  2. Fill pan with 2/3 of water
  3. Place pan on the stove
  4. Fill saucepan with leftover soup
  5. Warm up slowly 
  6. Stir now and then
  7. So that bubbles in thick sauce do not explode 
  8. When water for pasta is boiling
  9. Carefully add pasta
  10. Wait until water is boiling again
  11. Lower heat
  12. And let pasta simmer (for at least 9 min.)
  13. Grate cheese and use plate to collect grated parmesan
  14. Fish a penne out of your pan with a fork
  15. And taste carefully
  16. In case your 1st round of tasting was successful
  17. If not, wait and let pasta simmer for another 2 minutes
  18. Sieve cooked pasta
  19. Get rid of all cooked pasta water
  20. Add butter to the pan
  21. As soon butter has melted, add cooked pasta and grated parmesan
  22. Serve in a bowl
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