one pot dishes

for bowls of comfort

Steaming bowls of comfort food make you feel at ease. My one-pot dishes are to prepare with the use of a single pan. And do not ask for too many ingredients. So find your bowl of comfort by scrolling down this page. Or type your favourite ingredient in the orange search box. And you will land at your search results page

Green Beans with Tomatoes & Feta

Green beans are my friends. I eat them warm or chilled. After a short cook. And short is your key to get those crunchy beans. That are so good. Just with a sprinkle of sea salt. Yes, I believe I have tried to convey you. Green beans are my friends

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Chipotle Potatoes

Spicy Potato Wedges are the best. My preference is to marinate cooked wedges of Potatoes in chipotle spices infused oil. And roast them after they had a bit of rest. In a steaming hot skillet

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Simply Red Pasta Sauce

With this simply red pasta sauce you make a great bowl of Comfort. It’s a staple in my small household. And with this sauce, you only need a bit of fresh parmesan cheese. To make this perfect pasta

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Merguez Couscous

Merguez Couscous is a one-pot dish. That you could eat lukewarm at home. Or as cold snack on the go. And the beautiful thing of merguez couscous is that you would not need much to add. It’s seasoning aka flavouring will take care of everything

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