one pot dishes

for bowls of comfort

Steaming bowls of comfort food make you feel at ease. My one-pot dishes are to prepare with the use of a single pan. And do not ask for too many ingredients. So find your bowl of comfort by scrolling down this page. Or type your favourite ingredient in the orange search box. And you will land at your search results page

15 min. noodle bowl

My 15 min. noodle bowl is spicy. And sweet and soft. So this dish will give you comfort. No matter what weather conditions you are in. The combination of chillies, smoked chicken, shrimps, carrots and peanut butter will do

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oven-baked spicy mussels

This is a leftover recipe. Based upon an idea that you can tailor. The idea is a Dutch street food dish with the name “Patatje Gehakt”. That is about French fries and spicy mince (minced meat). That you bake in a steaming hot oven

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spicy mussels

In this recipe the best of South-America and French kitchen come together. I have cooked mussels in a bit of white wine, fresh garlic, 1/2 a fresh jalapeño pepper & 1/2 a fresh cayenne pepper. And with the help of the spicy peppers you have a full flavour

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