new arrivals

New arrivals are trickling in. For I, Emilie, your recipe writer, would like to be inspired on a regular basis. So I assume you do too!

Cranberry Jam

Cranberry jam is sweetened with honey. And spiced with a mix of cinnamon, cardamon, cloves and more. And to prepare within 15 minutes.  This condiment

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Champions au vin

Champion au vin is a vegan alternative to the French classic Boeuf Bourguignon. That is a feast for part-time carnivores. With cubes of red meat,

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emilies apfelstrudel


Apfelstrudel is about appels, raisins and spices covered in pastry. And its origins, according to Wikipedia, is in Vienna. My grandparents were from German decent.

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Chilli Jam

Emilie’s version of Chilli Jam is with tomatoes. Mixed with little fresh peppers. Like Cayenne and Madame Jeanette. This cooked sauce of royal fierceness is

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Sweet mince of mine

“Sweet mince of mine” is a semi-sweet stuffing you prepare for any bread, cake or sweet pie you’re planning to bake this holiday season. And

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Dutch sauerkraut

Dutch Sauerkraut is an oven dish. That people in Holland eat since ages. Sauerkraut is the German wording for fermented cabbage. That Dutch seafarers stocked

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