week menu

what are the benefits of a week menu?


By planning your dishes ahead. You have the ability to cleverly make use of leftovers. That will save you money to spend on groceries. And as you already might know. "Leftovers taste even better after a day's rest"


With emilie's weekly menu you would need less last minute shopping at your local supermarket. And this is not the only benefit. It will prevent you from buying those lovely chocolates, that your supermarket has displayed. Right next to your self-service terminal & check-out machine


This meal plan is NOT focusing upon a single diet. I give relevant alternatives for vegans, vegetarians, and carnivores. However; with the important footnote. That I'm not a Nutritionists nor a Dietist.


"Good food will make your day". That is my motto. And does not solely apply to your mental health. Quality food and regular exercise will help you. To stay in shape. And when you're fit; there is a big chance you feel better. Than before

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