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Meal plan number 03 is all about preparing comfort food on a camp site, boat or a holiday home. With less convenience. And lots of nature
This meal plan is to help you plan your days off into the “wild”. Not that I assume you actually will go and hike for days. With only a big hump on your bag. Stuffed with a tent, a mat and some dried food. If so, I’m afraid this post is a bit too luxurious. For your taste

some level of comfort

I love to make food on an open fire. But there must be some level of comfort. And this week’s meal plan is stuffed with dishes. That are delicious. And to prepare with a minimum of tools. The latter is a combined list of utensils that will not take too much space in your car, boat, camper or tour bike

tool list

A makeshift fire, BBQ or grill is your most important tool. To heat up water for coffee, toast some slices of bread or to grill some fish or vegetables. Each fire has its own temperature. And this fact will challenge a recipe writer like me. To time box each step of a recipe. According to an element that I cannot influence. So the big advice to you is to take my instructions as a guide. But do not forget to use your own eyes and sense of logic. When executing one of my recipes

grocery check list

To end this post I like to touch the grocery check list. It is a roll-up of all ingredients that I applied in the 10-some recipes. That I curated for this week’s meal plan. That is dedicated to your upcoming stay at a camping, holiday home or boat. This grocery list is more of a quick look up list. So you could see whether you like the ingredients that I applied with care. With the condition. That all ingredients should be available. Anywhere in the world. From Sydney to San Francisco. Or from Stockholm to Cape Town. In case you would like to print an old school pdf of emilies meal plan. Subscribe and your email address will be added to next week’s email distribution list.
Have a great stay!

collection of recipes

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