portobello road

  • Street Art at Portobello Road

Every day you can find stalls on Portobello Road. This road with its landmark houses in yellow, blue and pink attracts masses of tourists from all over the world. Lots of people come to Portobello Road to stroll along this very long road. At the very end is Golborne Road. And this particular area is emilies’ favourite. On Friday- and Saturday morning’s traders in vintage stuff unload their vans. And this is the very moment to find treasures that the traders sourced from Scotland, Cornwall, Berlin and Liège.

Portobello Road, Stall Number 208

Stall number 208 was emilies’ spot at the very end of the Portobello Road Market on Friday’s and Saturday’s. The old stall was a rental. Its condition was so bad that customers could not lean into the stall. In order to get this spot opposite the famous PizzaEast terrace, Emilie had to join an early bird lottery in the morning. This was the moment to catch up with fellow traders and learn from the weather forecast.

Over the last 3 years the very end of Portobello Road has become popular. The cause for its rising popularity is Golborne Road. At Golborne Road new stores and coffee bars settle down next to te existing Portuguese bakeries and antiques shops. This is attracting the existing rich and famous from Notting Hill and the rising stars from Ladbroke Grove. The latter area is where today’s designers, musicians and artists come together. This area is the base for popular styles and new labels.

In this context, emilies had a stall with quality beachwear. Both tourists and local residents liked the range of Moroccan baskets, Turkish hamam towels, French espadrilles and cotton dresses from Indonesia. emilies will continue this concept in The Netherlands.