H & HAM sandwich

This H & HAM sandwich is not to be missed. In case you like the strong sour taste of horseradish sauce. That is made of grated horseradish and vinegar. Together with cooked ham and French cornichons you have sufficient ammunition to fill a Turkish bread. That is shortly toasted. Before buttering its interiors with store-bought horseradish sauce

1 (out of 3)


4 large servings

to serve with

cold pepo soup


  1. 1 Turkish bread
  2. ± 250 gr. of cooked ham (slices)
  3. 1 pot of horseradish sauce
  4. 1 cup of French cornichons (sweet sour gherkins in size XS)


  • a Knife
  • a Cutting Board
  • a spoon
  • a toaster
  1. Slice top of Turkish bread
  2. So you have a bottom and a top
  3. Toast both sides
  4. Butter each side with horseradish sauce
  5. Cover each side with slices of cooked ham
  6. Cut each cornichons in half (along the length)
  7. Decorate each side with slices of cornichons
  8. Cover bottom side with top
  9. Cut Turkish bread in 4 or 8 parts
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