Introduction Emilie

emilie verbeek 500 stripe - 1This is an introduction of emilies, the brand and its founder. That is I,  Emilie. As a 14-year old, I worked in the family store so I could afford my first Lacoste shirt. From the 80s onwards, heritage brands started to extend their brand positioning. From bespoke to streetwear. I was completely taken by this world of design and luxury.  As a student I  did a stint at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. I was not great in designing dresses. More importantly I’ve got to the level of understanding the relevance of visual communications and the impact of design-ful things on people.

Styling for Dutch TV and more

Before I came to London I combined my time as a Consultant, Shop Owner and Stylist. For a Dutch prime time television show I staged homes for people that were at the verge of moving house. Due to this air-time I could expand my business. Since 2001 I have been closely involved with 20 and more projects.

Optimise colour palettes and layouts

My specialty is the optimisation of existing lay-outs and colour palettes. An editor of the British Elle Decoration once wrote: ‘The best interiors are built up over time from layers of personal experience’ To this day I stand by her approach and I would like to stretch this position a bit further towards fashion. I believe the content of your wardrobe should grow rich overtime with well fitting pieces combined with seasonal additions. With this blog I would like to share tips & tricks that ultimately could lead to a reduction of your expenditure on clothing and home decor.

Quotes that are spot on

“Clothes are signposts of personal communication, and as such they should be long-term acquisitions. Otherwise you risk identity whiplash”

By Vanessa Friedman for New York Times

“The times we are living are intensely fashionable because style, intended as

  • a way to do things 
  • a personal mark on everything

is king. From entertainment to politics.”

By Angelo Flaccavento for BoF