F.A.Q. is the abbreviation for frequently asked questions. And as a customer focused business, Emilie is putting an effort in sharing as much knowledge and information as possible. In case you are missing answers in this list. Please do not hesitate to call +31(0)70-4492291 or send an email to emilie@8ps.nl

The 1st drop of organic spice-mixes will take place on Sunday the 28th of November. This collection is about organic spice-mixes that will help you deal with the winter. No matter you stay at home. Or will fly to the Bahamas for Christmas. It’s about good food. That is easy to prepare. And will make your day

winter 2021-2022

  1. Chipotle Spice-Mix
  2. Curry Spice-Mix
  3. Dutch Spice-Mix
  4. Gingerbread Spice-Mix
  5. Merguez Spice-Mix
  6. Tikka Masala Spice-Mix

Why Emilie is using a mortar to squash berries like Cranberries & Physalis? It’s an easy tool to crack & mix the berries and spices in one go. When using a blender, you might loose this lovely texture and bite

Yes there is a privacy policy by not requesting for your contact specs. And by offering WhatsApp or Instagram as your first point of communications 

At this early stage of the website, Emilie does not use Google Analytics or any other tracking devices. Go to emilies Privacy page for a detailed overview of services and applications. That support the daily operations of emilies.com