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emilies is not promising growth; for the very fact that growth of your business will depend upon your discipline.It’s up to you to pick up the baton. That emilies will pass to you

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A customer will validate value, when paying for your product or service. According to McKinsey research there is more to it. Customers perceive value in 3 steps. Those are:

  1. The product / service should meet functional requirements
  2. When using the product or experiencing the service, customers should still perceive the same value. As the moment he or she approved the price and paid for it
  3. In case the execution of your business promises is beyond any level of expectations. Customers sense a form of added value.

In case your business is not capable to cash in on all promises along a customer journey. Customers might not get a crystal clear idea of your proposition.

When impressions cause confusion. Customers might look for an alternative product or competitor. And to find an alternative is only  a click or two away. Hence emilies’ focus on this fine balance. Customers expect a perfect execution of what you have promised them.