My name is Emilie. And despite the fact that I have worked as a TV Stylist for a Dutch primetime TV show. I still feel challenged when performing in front of a camera. And for this very reason I have founded emilies.tv

To help you, as a Retailer, start selling (live) on streaming media channels. My role is to give you this little push. And help you and your team to set-up Streaming Commerce within half a day. With Streaming Commerce you will fill the gap in between your in-store and online activities. Read more in my recent blog post


  1. 360˚ knowledge of Retail & E-commerce
  2. Set up live stream (narrowcasting) for KPN Retail
  3. Participated in 9 shows on primetime TV (RTL4)


emilies has been founded and named after myself, Emilie Verbeek. I like to collaborate and work in teams. And I’m assembling a group of experts in Retail and Omnichannel Commerce. In case you would happen to know a person that would have the right fit. Please do not hesitate me to forward his or her LinkedIn profile to me. Thanks! Emilie