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Hot drinks make you comfortable. And the need for alternatives to coffee and tea is on the rise. Hence the addition of this new category. Find your drink (hot & cold) by scrolling down this page. Or type your favourite fruits or spices in the orange search box

lemon cress smoothie

Cress or garden cress does contain lots of vitamins and some minerals. And I’m a fan of this herb. As a kid I got freshly harvested garden cress on a cream buttered sweet bread. With sugar on top. Yep. Heaven. It’s a herb that you could grow indoors, in the garden or on your balcony. And naturally. To buy in a carton at your local supermarket. It has this nutty bitter taste that is perfect with honey and yoghurt. To make a quick smoothie for on the go

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fizzy grapes

This fizzy drink has 2 faces. The 1st is a fruity morning cocktail. Bursting with vitamins and minerals. The second is a bubbly afternoon starter. With a bit of dry white wine and a sweet tang

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apple pear sprudel

Sprudel is a German word for sparkling water. That you mix with apple & pear juice. That is pure with no additional sugars. This is my morning cocktail of vitamins & minerals. When I ran out of my stock of fresh lemons and apples

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infusion ginger lemon

Freshly cut ginger root and a squeezed lemon is a classic mix. That I drink with a glass of boiling hot water. And I must say. This infusion can beat a good cup of morning brew

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Lemon Peach Infusion

Bring in the summer palette. And start your day with a Lemon Peach Infusion. That will perfectly work aside your mug of coffee or tea

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