sardines and blue cheese spread

The reason why I like this dish so much is that greasy sardines filets get baked for an hour in blue cheese and puff pasty. What better circumstances could a spread wish for?

prepare vol au vent: 30 min.

bake vol au vent: 60 min.

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editor's note

To make the spread is super easy to do. However to create and bake a vol au vent. Will require some focus and patience. This recipe is to prepare the spread. That you scoop into the pastry box. Before you slide it in to oven. With this methodology you profit from the circulation of hot air. And the pastry fat that is evaporating. Both contribute to a steaming experience. That make your mix of sardines fillets and blue cheese more than interesting


  • 1 tin of sardines fillets
  • 125 gr. of blue cheese 
  • 1 knob of garlic
  • 1 cut out of puff pastry ( spare large round cut out of pastry sheet. And cover spread. That is in pastry box. This to prevent the spread will dry out in oven)


  • a pestle & mortar  (or a bowl & a fork)
  • a spoon


  1. Open tin of sardines fillets
  2. And scoop fish + oil into mortar or bowl 
  3. Break blue cheese into a few chunks
  4. Add chunks of cheese to mortar or bowl
  5. Peel skin of knob of garlic
  6. Add garlic to mortar or bowl
  7. Use pestle or fork and crush fish fillets, cheese and garlic into a rustic spread
  8. Scoop spread into pastry box (that is about ready to go into the oven)
  9. Use this extra circle of pastry dough to cover spread
  10. Do a last run of coating with egg mix 
  11. Continue with step 28 of how to make a vol au vent
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