a feisty fresh dip sauce

This garlic dip sauce is a mix of feta cheese, greek yoghurt, a boiled egg and fresh cut cilantro or parsley

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Store in jar 

This recipe is written with the idea that you could make this dip sauce at home. Or at a camp site, boat or holiday home. With less technical tools and utensils at hand. I would prefer to use a pestle and mortar. Or a blender to bash some feta cheese, an egg and a bunch of fresh herbs. However when you are outdoors. You will have to make do. With just a fork and a plate. Either way this dip sauce is your friend. With potatoes, tortilla chips, a grilled steak or toast


  1. bunch of fresh cilantro or parsley
  2. block of feta cheese
  3. 1 cup of greek yoghurt
  4. 1 egg
  5. 1 lemon
  6. 1 clove of fresh garlic
  7. salt
  8. peper

alternative ingredients


fresh cilantro (coriander) ☜☟☞ a bunch of fresh Parsley

greek yoghurt ☜☟☞ Skyr, cottage cheese or any other dairy (it would need a thick texture)



  • a Knife
  • a Fork
  • a Spoon
  • a Cutting Board
  • a Saucepan
  • a Lid or Plate
  • a clean Kitch Towel
  • a Bowl
  • a Jar (to store leftover)


  1. Fill saucepan with 2/3 of water
  2. Add egg to the pan
  3. Bring water to boil
  4. Peel glove of garlic
  5. Plunge naked clove of garlic in boiling water
  6. The moment the clove is floating
  7. Remove the cooked clove with spoon
  8. Place the clove on a plate
  9. Crush the cooked glove with fork
  10. Remove pan from the very center of the heat
  11. Let water + egg boil softly for 6 minutes
  12. Remove cooked egg from pan with a spoon
  13. Remove hot water from saucepan
  14. Refill saucepan with cold water
  15. And let egg cool off in cold water
  16. Wash cilantro or parsley
  17. Dry herbs  with kitchen towel
  18. Cut 1 cm. from the very end of the stems
  19. Do not use those very ends
  20. Slice & dice both leaves and stems (the finer the better)
  21. Add to bowl
  22. Unpack block of feta cheese
  23. Add feta to plate with crushed garlic know
  24. Crush feta block with fork
  25. Peel egg
  26. Add egg to crushed feta & garlic knob 
  27. Crush egg as well
  28. Mix feta, crumbled egg & garlic
  29. Add yoghurt, salt & pepper  to bowl
  30. Cut lemon into 2 halves
  31. Squeeze a few drops of juice 
  32. Add lemon juice to bowl
  33. Mix the lot with spoon
  34. Add crushed & crumbled feta, egg, garlic
  35. Add sliced & diced parsley
  36. Check taste
  37. And add salt & pepper in case the lemon juice is a bit too overwhelming
  38. When good, fill a jar with this thick dip sauce
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