French honey mustard sauce

This is my version of a French honey mustard sauce. There are many variances to this classic. And mine is with the minimum of ingredients. That is 7 ingredients. Yes, there are many elements that together make this great sauce

Store in closed jar in fridge for one week

1 (out of 3)




4 servings


  1. 1 tbs. of mayonaise
  2. 1 tbs. of honey
  3. 2 cups of olive oil
  4. 1/2 cup of vinegar (vinegar made from fruits is best)
  5. 1 tsp. of mustard
  6. salt 
  7. pepper


  • a spoon
  • a fork or a whisk
  • a bowl
  1. Add all ingredients to a bowl, with the exception of vinegar
  2. Atir well with fork or whisk
  3. Add vinegar
  4. Atir again
  5. Until you have created this creamy sauce
  6. Store in closed jar
  7. Give the jar a good shake, before you serve some French honey mustard sauce
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