creamy crab stick dill spread

For people that do not appreciate mayonnaise, I’ve published this recipe. In which I replaced a blend of egg and oil with freshly whipped cream. By hand

How to whip cream

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editor's note

A mix of clotted double cream and yoghurt is a great alternative to mayonaise. The latter is not everyone's favourite. However mayonaise is a great spread to cement sandwiches or to flavour a salad. So this alternative has a fluffy texture. Holds a taste that is rather sweet and creamy. However, there is a downside. You cannot store it overnight. For the reason all airy bubbles will have left your jar or container. PS for this recipe I have used Greek Yoghurt. That you can replace by French Yoghurt. The named variances taste less bitter than standard yoghurt. That is offered in Dutch supermarkets


  1. 100 ml of double cream 
  2. 100 ml of yoghurt
  3. 1 tbs. of dried dill tops
  4. 5 crab sticks (aka surimi sticks)
  5. freshly grounded pepper
  6. Optional: salt

alternative ingredients


dried dill tops (spicier than regular dried dill) ☜☟☞ dried dill or fresh dill


  • a whisk or kitchen machine
  • a bowl
  • a clean kitchen towel
  • a jar 


  1. Wash & towel dry whisk and bowl 
  2. Undo wrappers of crab sticks
  3. Like pulled pork, pluck the sticks
  4. Add plucked “crab” to jar
  5. Add yoghurt to jar 
  6. Add dill to jar
  7. Whisk double cream by hand or in machine
  8. And stop when cream transforms into a heap of creamy bubbles
  9. Add cream to jar
  10. Carefully mix the lot
  11. Season with pepper and salt
  12. However do not overdo it
  13. For the fact that dill tops do leave a strong peppery taste 
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