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Hi, I’m Emilie! If you’re looking for recipes on dips and sauces. Or you want to make a make a simple relish or marinade? Please have a scroll, or use the orange search box

Simple Dried Herb Marinade

The Fruit & Veg Stall Trader secretly had added a bunch of dried Rosemary & Thyme. To a bag of small potatoes. That I bought last week at the Farmer’s Market. This gentle gesture made me create a Marinade. With a Soul

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Cilantro Relish

This relish is super easy to make. And will add this little freshness to grilled meat, a toastie, or cheddar jalapeño tortilla chips

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Beet Hot Sauce

Beet Hot sauce is best to eat with juicy Hamburgers. Or French Fries. No wait: any thing fatty & juicy that comes from your grill. And would need a sweet but hot sauce. That will blend perfectly with your grilled or fried food. Full of comfort

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fried garlic tomato sauce

This sauce should become your kitchen cabinet staple. Like Ketchup, this cold sauce goes with anything. A bowl of rice, some French fries, a Toastie. You name it

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Shrimp Dip

Chayote is a vegetable from the tropics. And the best alternative is a small courgette. A zucchini or tiny yellow squash. That will do great with shrimps & tortilla chips

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