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you & hot sauce?

Hi, I’m Emilie! If you’re looking for recipes on dips and sauces. Or you want to make a make a simple relish or marinade? Please have a scroll, or use the orange search box

black olives spread

A black olives spread is the best leftover solution. In case you have lots of fresh herbs left. Dill, basil, cilantro or parsley. They all go wonderfully well with olive oil and a handful of pitted olives. In black. I serve this spread with store bought pâté and a bunch of crackers. Or toasted slices of white bread. On new year’s eve I add some black caviar. But hey, emilies.com is not about posh food. emilies is about food that makes you comfortable

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French honey mustard sauce

This is my version of a French honey mustard sauce. There are many variances to this classic. And mine is with the minimum of ingredients. That is 7 ingredients. Yes, there are many elements that together make this great sauce

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zesty sweet sauce

The ingredients of this zesty sweet sauce come from a grapefruit and a lemon. This sauce is sweetened with a bit of honey. And that is it! And great with chilled jasmin (pandan) rice, blanched carrots or fresh tomatoes

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green tsatsiki sauce

Tsatsiki sauce is a classic dip sauce. With a long history. And most probably its name is younger than its recipe. However many people know this white dip sauce from their visits to a Greek island. A dipper with fresh herbs like mint and parsley. Not to forget cucumber, garlic and yoghurt. My version had a visit to the blender. That makes this sauce green, fresh and bubbly. A good mate for strong snacks like spicy lamb rolls

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nutty butty strawberry relish

This is a relish that you can serve both warm and cold. And it’s delicious. For the reason roasted pecan nuts, cream butter and strawberries do wonderfully well. This sweet sauce with texture does not need to be made by a chef. You can do it!

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Pistoe is a French sauce. That has a lot in common with an Italian pesto sauce. However as a person that holds a Dutch passport. I’m not going to make you prefer a sauce. I like the creamy features of a Pistoe. And the textured version of a Pesto. Probably this is the best way to avoid a discussion. Because this creamy garlic sauce. Full of basil and parmesan cheese is everybody’s friend

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sardines and blue cheese spread

The reason why I like this dish so much is that greasy sardines filets get baked for an hour in blue cheese and puff pasty. What better circumstances could a spread wish for?

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