what is parboiling

What is the term for shortly cooking vegetables in boiling hot water. Is a question I sometimes receive. The answer is parboiling. And this term is sometimes mixed-up with blanching

Parboiling is a kitchen term for shortly cooking vegetables. In boiling hot water. This cooking technique will safeguard as much vitamins and minerals. As possible. By gettting vegetables in a cooked stage. Within a very short period of time. I do not only parboil vegetables. Fresh- strips of chicken breast, shrimps, cuts of haddock or cod fillets. Or rice do experience the same procedure. For the fact that patience is absent within my set of character traits. Luckily I’m not alone. A lot of street food vendors do not have lots of time on their hands. And parboil meat before they grill it. As mentioned earlier, you safeguard vitamins and minerals. But you also kill germs with this bath of boiling water. Go to the steps and learn how to parboil green beans


  • a Knife
  • a fork
  • a Cutting Board
  • a pan
  • a Sieve or Colander
  1. wash & sieve beans
  2. remove the very ends of all beans with knife
  1. Turn on the heat
  2. Fill pan with 2/3 of water
  3. Bring water to boil
  4. Add clean and cut beans
  5. What until water is boiling again
  6. Turn down heat
  7. Let the beans simmer for 10 min.
  8. In case you sense the beans are not super fresh, pick a bean with fork
  9. Cut bean in half
  10. Try and taste
  11. When it’s bite is crunchy but cooked
  12. Remove pan from the heat
  13. Sieve with beans with sieve or colander
  14. Give your sieve or colander a few good shakes
  15. To guarantee most of the cooked water left the insides of the beans
  16. Sprinkle beans with sea salt
  17. Give colander or sieve another rounds of shakes 
  18. So all beans get some sea salted sprinkle
  19. Serve lukewarm 
  20. Bon appétit

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