Au bain marie

Au Bain Marie is a French technique. To warm up or melt delicate ingredients. Like Chocolate or Egg Yoke. That is sensitive to heat. So you need a large casserole or saucepan with a thick bottom. To warm up water. And let a bowl float in it

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Au Bain Marie is the name of a cooking technique. I’m not sure how people stick to this wonderful name. But I do know that they will not forget it. Who does not know someone that is named after Mary? Anyway;  I learned this technique in 1997. When I got my first Microwave. There was a recipe to make French Pâté in a glass mold. That would float and cook in water. To make a long story short. It was a super recipe. And to this day I regret I lost it. But back to the Technique. You use warm water, that is at the verge of boiling. To get a delicate ingredient or mix of ingredients come together and blend. So for this post I applied Au Bain Marie to make Lemon Curd. That is a blend of Butter, Eggs, Sugar and Lemon. That is great on toast, in your morning bowl of Yoghurt, and so on. So let’s get started!


  • a Casserole or Saucepan (with a thick bottom)
  • a Pyrex or Duralex glass Bowl (that could float within pan)
  • a Whisk
  • a Spatula


  1. Turn up the heat
  2. Place Casserole or Saucepan 
  3. Fill it with water (1/3)
  4. When you sense the water is about to boil turn down the heat. And let the water stay at the very edge of warm and boiling
  5. Add glass bowl to the water
  6. Add ingredients (like chocolate, eggs or butter) to the bowl
  7. use a Spatula to help the ingredients get warm and transform
  8. Due to the constant temperature delicate ingredients like Eggs or Chocolate will change their structure
  9. Chocolate will melt
  10. Eggs will turn into a blended substance
  11. Secure the water will not boil and check the next step of your recipe


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