how to read a recipe

Tips on how to read a recipe will help. When you would not have a lot of time on your hands. This page is set-up as a stack of Frequently Asked Questions. That have been listed. In the same order as that of my recipes


glossary of wordings, terms abbreviations etc.

Prep. Time stands for Preparation Time. So it’s about the steps you do in advance. All this. For the sake of a cooking time. That is as efficient as possible. And you know what they say about Dutch people. They are super direct. However their work ethics is based upon efficiency. So there you have it. A direct but efficient approach to cooking!

The actual cooking time =
Time spent on preparations + Time spent to cook and finalise a dish

My goal is to create recipes that are as simple as possible. However some dishes need more attention. Hence the classification of each recipe. 

  • ★ = Simple & Intuitive. Like using your iPhone or Samsung phone
  • ★★ =  As simple as an Ikea manual
  • ★★★ = Not as complex as preparing a Michelin starred dish. But you would need a bit of attention and flair. To get this super delicious food on your plate

I write recipes  for you. So you could share your dish with some one. Or you could store leftovers for a next day meal

1 tsp.= 1 teaspoon

1 tbs. = 1 tablespoon

1 cup = 25 ml 


I use quality ingredients. That are as organic as possible. Despite today’s inflation and the impact on costs of living. I stick to my guns. And eat good food. That I buy at the weekly farmer’s market


In case a recipe could use a side-dish. Or would need a relevant element of taste. Like a Tortilla Chip or a piece of Bread.  Then I will add some recommendations. To serve  a-side

Mise an place is a French term for getting your act together. Before you actually start cooking. What I try to state here is the following. When you wash, towel dry, measure, weigh, cut and slice ingredients in advance. And have them neatly arranged on your counter or table. You will do the cooking, frying, grilling and or baking with less hassle.  Check this metaphor. Before you start washing your hair. You have your bottle of shampoo and a towel within reach. So you could focus on getting the job done. Well. Within a very short frame of time. And that is what “mise en place” is about.

When you read my recipes on your mobile phone. You would need crisp directions. Hence the use of steps with no-brainer instructions. And I will do my utmost to minimise  the amount of steps


When you’re stuck, or my steps are not that easy to follow. Do not hesitate to push the help button. And ask for directions. This support desk is new. That I currently offer for free. This service is available from 9am to 8pm (CET) on working days. And from 12pm to 8pm (CET) on Saturday’s & Sunday’s

I love good food. And I like to share great recipes with you. Please do not hesitate to rate a recipe. So I could get better in delivering strong recipes. For quality dishes. That have this great taste

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Hand mashed potatoes provide more structure than the French version of purée. And this bite comes in handy when you mix boiled potatoes with the warm juices of cooked vegetables. Like chicory, fermented white cabbage or kale. This cooking tip is about mashing cooked potatoes with a fork or an old school potato masher. That will need less hassle, than the usage of a kitchen processor or an electric handmixer.

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H & HAM sandwich

This H & HAM sandwich is not to be missed. In case you like the strong sour taste of horseradish sauce. That is made of grated horseradish and vinegar. Together with cooked ham and French cornichons you have sufficient ammunition to fill a Turkish bread. That is shortly toasted. Before buttering its interiors with store-bought horseradish sauce

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