how to read a recipe

Tips on how to read a recipe will help. When you would not have a lot of time on your hands. This page is set-up as a stack of Frequently Asked Questions. That have been listed. In the same order as that of my recipes


glossary of wordings, terms abbreviations etc.

Prep. Time stands for Preparation Time. So it’s about the steps you do in advance. All this. For the sake of a cooking time. That is as efficient as possible. And you know what they say about Dutch people. They are super direct. However their work ethics is based upon efficiency. So there you have it. A direct but efficient approach to cooking!

The actual cooking time =
Time spent on preparations + Time spent to cook and finalise a dish

My goal is to create recipes that are as simple as possible. However some dishes need more attention. Hence the classification of each recipe. 

  • ★ = Simple & Intuitive. Like using your iPhone or Samsung phone
  • ★★ =  As simple as an Ikea manual
  • ★★★ = Not as complex as preparing a Michelin starred dish. But you would need a bit of attention and flair. To get this super delicious food on your plate

I write recipes  for you. So you could share your dish with some one. Or you could store leftovers for a next day meal

1 tsp.= 1 teaspoon

1 tbs. = 1 tablespoon

1 cup = 25 ml 


I use quality ingredients. That are as organic as possible. Despite today’s inflation and the impact on costs of living. I stick to my guns. And eat good food. That I buy at the weekly farmer’s market


In case a recipe could use a side-dish. Or would need a relevant element of taste. Like a Tortilla Chip or a piece of Bread.  Then I will add some recommendations. To serve  a-side

Sometimes I will use a method that I learnt along the way. Like making Lemon Curd. And for this bitter sweet sauce, you would need to warm up butter. Au Bain Marie. And the latter is the French word for a method. Or in the words of a French chef. A Technique

When you read my recipes on your mobile phone. You would need crisp directions. Hence the use of steps with no-brainer instructions. And I will do my utmost to minimise  the amount of steps


I love to style and photograph my food. And I write recipes with the utmost care. On average it takes me about 120 minutes to publish a single post. So, in case you’ve noticed an error. Please do not hesitate to fill in the form. That you could find below each recipe. I will get back to you as soon as you have sent your suggestions

I love good food. And I like to share great recipes with you. Please do not hesitate to rate a recipe. So I could get better in delivering strong recipes. For quality dishes. That have this great taste

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