how to make puffed meat rolls

How to make puffed meat rolls is both a cooking tip and a recipe. You could add any stuffing you like to sheets of puffed pastry. And this post will help you to make the puffed rolls. That will require not a lot of work. The oven will do all the puffing and flavouring. The latter by herbs or spices that you add to mince. Whether you use beef, pork, lamb, or chicken. All is good. As long as each buttery roll will give you comfort

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2-4 (you will prepare 4 rolls*) *Please informed, you cannot store oven-baked puff pastry overnight in a fridge. The pastry will turn from puff to moist

editor's note

The other day, I was craving for spicy lamb rolls. That contain spiced lamb mince. Rolled & baked in puff pastry. Lamb meat is not easy to get in Holland. So I bought a package of organic merguez sausages. Furthermore, I “unwrapped” the sausages. And used the meat. In Holland you have an alternative that you buy at a local cafeteria, gas station or baker shop. The name for this snack is "saucijzenbroodje". Stuffed with pork mince. And it’s part of the Dutch street food cuisine. So this recipe is about making puffed meat rolls. And it's up to you what kind of meat to use


  1. 250 gr. mince (minced meat)
  2. 1/2 cup of breadcrumbs
  3. 2 eggs
  4. 1/4 cup of milk
  5. 1 lemon
  6. 3 tsp. of dried mint 
  7. 1/4 tsp. of chili flakes
  8. 1 package of puffed pastry
  9. Optional: salt or freshly grounded pepper to sprinkle pastry

alternative ingredients


dried mint ☜☟☞ dried parsley or dill 

chili flakes ☜☟☞ Mexican spice-mix, Moroccan spice-mix, or harissa 



  • an oven 
  • a baking tray
  • baking parchment (grease proof paper for baking)
  • a knife 
  • a fork or whisk
  • a grater
  • 3 bowls
  • a clean kitchen towel
  • Optional: egg brush


  1. Preheat oven (200ºC)
  2. Remove baking tray from oven
  3. Cover baking tray with a sheet of baking parchment
  4. Undo packaging of puff pastry
  5. Clean & towel dry your kitchen counter
  6. Let the naked sheets of puff pastry rest on your counter
  7. Pour milk into bowl
  8. Add bread crumbs to bowl
  9. Mix the lot
  10. Let it rest for a few minutes, so bread crumbs can soak some milk
  11. Wash & towel dry lemon
  12. Grate skin from lemon
  13. Add pulp to another bowl
  14. Break egg and pour egg yoke into the bowl (with lemon pulp)
  15. Add meat and spices to that bowl
  16. Crack 2nd egg and pour yoke and egg white into the 3rd bowl
  17. Whisk yoke and egg white. This in order to get this smooth yellow  liquid
  18. Add soaked breadcrumbs to bowl. Filled with  mince, egg yoke, spices and lemon pulp
  19. Wash & towel dry your hands
  20. Use your hands to get a good mix of meat, bread crumbs and the rest
  21. Divide your mix in 4
  22. And make a roll of each part
  23. Have a look at your rolls and think what size each pastry sheet should have. In order to wrap each roll of meat
  24. My suggestion is to use the Dutch size standard for a “saucijzenbroodje”. That is a square of 12 x 12 cm
  25. Brush each side of a pastry sheet with your smoothly whisked egg liquid
  26. Place a meat roll at the lower edge of a puff pastry sheet
  27. And roll
  28. Use a knife or egg brush to cover the seam of your roll. With extra egg liquid
  29. Make sure the short ends of each puff pastry roll is fully filled with meat
  30. If not, cut a bit of pastry off
  31. Place  4 rolls on the parchment paper
  32. Give all rolls a last coating of egg liquid
  33. And slide oven tray into the middle of the oven
  34. Bake the rolls within 25 min
  35. Optional: sprinkle each roll with a bit of salt or freshly grounded pepper
  36. Optional: serve with green tsatsiki sauce
  37. Bon appétit
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