How to make Lebneh

Lebneh is the name for both a technique and a dairy product. With its origins in the Middle East

To sieve: at least 8 hours (tip: do it before you go to bed)

To prepare: 10 min.

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As mentioned in the intro. Lebneh is the naming convention for both a Technique and a Dish. My acquaintance with Lebneh was at the age of 10. My mother made this occasionally. But she named it Bulgarian Yoghurt. I connected the dots when dining at Hereford Road. A lovely restaurant in Notting Hill.  I ordered Eton Mess. And this particular English desert is based upon this ancient Technique. In sieving Yogurt overnight. So the magic is in the amount of time you have. To split the Dairy from its Whey. The latter is the word for all fluids that together make milk. So in a nutshell. Lebneh is the result of an overnight rest of Yoghurt. That was basked in a linen covered sieve or colander 


  1. 1x litre of Yoghurt


  • a Bowl
  • a Spatula
  • a Sieve or Colander
  • a clean Linen Kitchen Towel
  • a Lid or a Plate


  1. Cover a sieve with a clean linen kitchen towel
  2. Cover a bowl with Sieve+ Towel
  3. Pour yoghurt into towel
  4. Cover the stack with a lid
  5. Store stack for at least 8 hours in a fridge
  6. Spoon lebneh out of sieve with spatula

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